Rudely Elegant
 1911 N. 19TH STREET   TAMPA, FLORIDA 33605 

Rudely Elegant Home Page


Rudely Elegant is a little shop in historic Ybor City, in the heart of Tampa, Florida. We carry  an eclectic mix of new and old furniture, art, jewelry, home accessories and other things that make us smile. Recently we've expanded our inventory with hand-crafted cigar box guitars and lamps, as well as one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that we make ourselves.

Our "home" consists of a beautifully restored 1920's cigar-maker's bungalow, owned by the Ybor City Museum- one of 4 on the block that was rescued and moved to it's current location across from the park.  We share the street with other artists and shops, along with a great coffee house, The Bunker.

Here's a peek inside. We have four rooms in the bungalow, each with their own "theme".

 We like toys and robots, and our collection is ever-expanding. 
We  have some very unique jewelry from designers like Vivalavida and Tiffini Elektra X.



We have a large selection of handbags and clutches to match any style.


How about a scale Harley model that's also a working telephone? Really!

As you can see, we've got something for just about everybody. Items are all one-of-a kind, so don't be disappointed-
Get here as soon as you can- we'll be busy collecting more cool stuff until then.


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